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COVID-19 Announcement:  

We are now offering both indoor and outdoor classes! When you register for a class, it will be held indoors unless it has (outdoors) at the end of the class title. All class orientations (Week 1 of Puppy Starter Kit and Basic Doggie Decorum classes) will be held ONLINE. 
As we resume in-person classes, we have put many safety measures in place: everyone will be required to wear a mask to our classes, indoors or outdoors; everyone must maintain at least 10' of distance from others, both indoors and outdoors; we will provide hand sanitizer and ask everyone to use it when they enter our facility; we will be spraying all high-touch surfaces with bleach solution after every class. People who show any symptoms of illness or have a household member who is ill will be asked to attend class virtually. 
We at Animal Alliances are so grateful for the understanding and flexibility of our community during this tough time! We miss you all, and can't wait to see you and your dogs again, either online or in person. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you and your dog develop a strong relationship, to help you become effective at communicating with your dog, and to help your dog become an eager participant in training and a great member of your family.  


Our Philosophy

Animal Alliances believes that changes in behavior are best accomplished using positive, force-free methods. We teach you to help your pet learn by rewarding the good behaviors that you want to see, rather than punishing those you don't like. (Don't worry, we can also help you eliminate unwanted behaviors!) The positive training and behavior modification techniques that we use are based on the science of learning and have been proven to be extremely effective — whether teaching your dog a simple behavior like sit or dealing with a serious behavior problem such as aggression.


What Sets Us Apart

We keep our group classes small - just 4 to 6 dogs - so that we can give each student lots of individual attention. We are as positive with our human students as we are with our canine students: we believe that everyone learns better when they're having fun! We encourage all family members (and housemates, dog sitters, etc) to attend class with their dog so that everyone is on the same page. We believe dogs and humans of any age can learn new tricks. We encourage questions, and love coming up with creative ways to help your dog become a well-integrated member of your household. 

Our students agree: they've voted us Valley Advocate's Best Of The Valley for dog training every year since 2015 and Gazette Reader's Choice best dog trainer since 2016! Come watch one of our classes and see why. Email info@animalalliances.com to set up a time to stop by!



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