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Caroline Moore, owner and head trainerOwner and head trainer Caroline Moore has studied clicker training for over 15 years, and has used it successfully on all of the past and current members of her menagerie: two cats, two caique parrots, a standard poodle, a lab/pit mix, a border collie, and a beagle.  When she pulls out the clicker, all of her animals flock around hoping it’s their turn to be trained!

Caroline believes training should be fun for the animals and the humans. Their favorite thing is watching animals and humans have “aha moments” during training! 

Caroline is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner. This rigorous, six-month program focuses on the science of behavior, advanced clicker training skills, creating behavior modification plans, and designing innovative solutions to behavior challenges. It assesses the trainer’s behavioral knowledge, training skill, and teaching ability.

In 2019, Caroline took the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers' certification exam. She got a 97% and became a Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed. 

She has also received her Level 1 Clicker Trainer Competency Assessment (CAP1) with Merit.


Alex Wise, trainer


Alex Wise has been a staff trainer at Animal Alliances since 2015, teaching classes in everything from puppy, basic, and intermediate manners to outdoor etiquette, tricks, and nosework. Their special training interests include building strong foundational obedience skills for service and therapy dogs in training, tricks training, and working with deaf dogs.

Alex lives in Northampton with their Portuguese Water Dog puppy, Clipper. 





Kristin Neal, trainerLike most people who choose a career with animals, Kristin Neal is a lifetime animal lover. From bringing home kittens, to rescuing injured mice, begging for riding lessons, and walking the neighbor’s dog, she found ways to surround herself with animals from a very early age.

She started going to obedience classes with her own dogs and discovered a love for training. She made a point of seeking out trainers and spending time with them, watching and learning about behavior and positive reinforcement. Kristin is also a certified veterinary technician, and has completed and passed the Fear Free Certificate course. She has worked in medicine, surgery, and animal sheltering. She joined the Animal Alliances team in 2018. 

Kristin's passion is not just for dogs, but for improving the quality of life for dogs and their people. She loves sharing knowledge to help people have a better relationship with their dogs, and help their dogs be better companions in our human world.

Darcy CliffordDarcy Clifford began apprenticing with Animal Alliances in 2017, first under Alex and then under Caroline. They have been training privately since 2017 and were welcomed onto AA’s team of trainers in May of 2019. They have truly loved developing their group teaching skills and training practices with the help and expertise of the Animal Alliances team.

Darcy loves helping humans and dogs find communication and understanding. They are most rewarded by working with reactive and psychologically traumatized animals. Their favorite class to teach is Remedial Social Skills with Puppy Starter Kit a close second.
Darcy began studying animal behavior in 2015 because of a husky named Svetlana. They enjoy working with their 2 rescued cats: Maxwell, who has resource guarding issues, and Calliope, who believes boundaries are of the utmost importance. Both cats perform dance routines before meals and are learning they both have a seat at the dinner table, as long as they don’t climb on the table itself. Darcy has welcomed a dog, Juno, to their household as well, and they enjoy doing Agility, Nosework, and any kind of fun training activity together. 


Sage Campbell teaches math to teenage humans by day, and has now added dog training to their skill set as well! Sage shares their home with two enthusiastic labradors, Mulligan and Tillie, and a very friendly cat. In their spare time, they can be found playing Ultimate Frisbee, doing home improvement projects, or playing board games. 


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